The Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder Program was created in 2004 by the then new Labour Government (1997-2010). Nathan and Unsworh (2006) stated the HMR…” attempts to find new roles for inner urban neighbourhoods…”. These roles included helping inner suburbs to be successful in their challenge to deal with the development of new houses in selected areas by demolishing old housing stock to create a more environmentally friendly space for people to work and live. In creating photography through an autoethnographic study into what Finley and Brown (2011) considered in their own post-mortem report as…” the ruins of Pathfinder…”, I set out to document through photography the effects that the Housing Market Renewal Area Pathfinder Programme had on such areas as Bank Top and the Infirmary areas in Blackburn, Lancashire between 2008-2017 and also the impact that eviction had on families in the Sudell Rd area of Darwen, Lancashire 2008.I have chosen this area of study, as I have lived and worked in these areas for over 35 years and have seen first-hand the negative impact that Pathfinder has had on these community.

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